The Chirurgeonate Policy for the Kingdom of Lochac
CURRENT POLICY : March 2010 (pdf)
Previous policy : April 2009 (pdf)

The SCA Chirurgeon’s Handbook (pdf) Offsite, from Chirurgeon’s Guild, originally from the Society’s Chirurgeon Office. Please read with reference to Lochac policy, as Lochac is an affiliate and therefore the Society Handbook is not law.


Quarterly Report Form – last updated April 2015
Event Report – April 2015
(short) – April 2015
(long) – April 2015

Non-clinical treatment – April 2015
Minor Injury – April 2015
Major Injury (long) – April 2015
Major Injury aka Incident Report Form (shorter) – 2007

Refusal of treatment – April 2015
Medical Information (for pre-existing medical issues) – April 2015

Checklists and Event reference

Festival Chirurgeon Handbook 1.0 – April 2015. A guide to running the Festival Chirurgeonate, and a reference point for running other large events.
Pre-site Checklist – old
Festival Chirurgeon Checklist – old